On-Site Training

The best of both worlds. On-site training offers the highest quality training available and the most cost effective approach to getting your staff trained. As mentioned on our Training Program Page we only provide on-site trainings. This allows our master trainers the ability to provide the highest quality training for your agency while maintaining the integrity of our training programs. We offer specialized training programs and taylor them to fit your specific agency and client needs.

The cost of travel and lodging for your staff, plus the cost of the actual training can be overwhelming for some agencies. Our Master Trainers will come to you and provide the highest quality training available. Travel reimbursement is required for our Master Trainer (airfare, lodging and rental car). We take care of all the travel arrangements and bill you following the training. Price compare our training fees to other national companies and you will see that we offer the best rates by far.

We offer on going support and assistance throughout your commitment. Our staff can assist with all areas of customer service. Our commitment does not end with the initial training. We keep data bases on all your trainers and the staff they train throughout their certification. We also provide certificates of attendance for all staff trained by your on-site trainers.

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